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A varied product range marked by years of tradition:  Practical and beautiful: ­

Muldenthal Enamel Quality manufactu­red since 1­887

Bild_klein15 Muldenthaler Emaillierwerk GmbH is Germany's largest manufacturer of enamelled flue pipes. It has been producing a wide range of waste gas pipes and accessories in Saxony's Penig since 1887.
fp02a Today, we convincingly blend many years of experience and new research to achieve top competency in our area.

A modern enamelling plant, as well as our gas-fuelled reversing enamelling oven, enables precise application of this technological discipline and guarantees high quality throughout.


The ­full product range comprises waste gas pipes and flue pipes, elbows and accessories made from coloured enamelled sheet steel, high-grade steel, thick-walled sheet metal (senotherm coated or bare) or hot dip aluminized sheet steel, aluminium or FAL powder-coated. This wide range allows our customers to choose their perfect match from more than 4000 different items.

­Our coloured enamelled pipes that make a harmonious match with installed fireplaces are currently in especially high demand. In addition, we offer a broad range of services in the areas of subcontracting enameling and as a supplier of e.g. double-walled flue gas systems for the gross calorific value technology.

fp04a The enamelled flue gas pipes from Penig excel through their non-porous, polished, faultless enamelling on the in- and outside as well as a plasma-welded seam, invisible on the surface, but running along the entire length of the pipe. Our high-quality products are distinguished by high reliability and a long life.

The nearly century-old tradition of enamel sign manufacturing has been revived and raised to new heights. Information, notice, company, club and souvenir signs are made in all shapes and colours.

fp06a Decisive advantages of this product include specific characteristics such as resiliance to weather and resistance to environmental factors and soiling, as well as luminosity, non-fading colours and lightfastness and the fact that enamel is a fully recyclable raw material.